The Beginning


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-Christine and Todd

So this is now the fifth time I’ve started writing this page, and I still don’t know what it is that I would like to say here.  And by fifth time, I mean in this sitting.  I’ve tried to do this many times, but found myself equally without words.

And so I am here again, wordless.

This time, however I will just keep typing anyway, and if you’re still reading at this point, just between you and me, I hope things improve from this point.

So the whole “wedding website” is not  new idea.  In fact, aits probably considered one of those things that you just “have to do” when planning a wedding these days.  Well, if you’re under 35 that is.  It seems rather odd then, while we are under the 35 mark, that we would do such a thing.  In fact, the best way to nearly ensure that we, or at least I won’t do something is to put “have to” in front of it.  Another way, for those keeping track at home, is to refer to something as “normal” or “customary”.

But here it is, nonetheless, and here it will remain, or at least near here after the 2nd of May.  I hope that some of our eccentricity comes across on these pages.  Actually I hope that there end up being “pages” and not just “page”.  Consistently updating things isn’t really our style either.  But we will make an effort to be strange and unusual, and to do so with some regularity (which is in fact strange and unusual for us), if for nothing else but the amusement of you, our dear friends.

So please, add to the discussions.  Or start some of your own.  If you’d like to make your own posts (for whatever reason), just let me know and I’ll make something happen.  Otherwise, have fun.

-Todd and Christine

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