The Event


Welcome to our Wedding Information and RSVP site. If you haven't done so already, please take the time to RSVP. We need to know by the 30th of March, so please don't delay.

-Christine and Todd

What to expect…

Most of you know that we rarely do things the same way others do them. For the most part of our life, we are anti-main stream, never care about how things are suppose to be done. We try to manage our every day life as good as we can given the circumstances on hand and try to wing it. Just as our life and relationship are not going traditional ways so will our wedding not be a traditional one.

We have a pretty good idea of how we would like this day to be, however the Gods never cared about that before. So we are expecting a decent event with rain storm, backyard mud slides and our dogs going bonkers and will be thankful for everything good that happens beyond that.

What can you expect on this special day?

Well, first of all there has to be some sort of ceremony (otherwise it wouldn’t be a wedding, would it?). But we promise that it wont be excessive. Todd will not have the opportunity to say much and unless we need to chase Loki through the yard, because he took off with our rings, the ceremony should not exceed the 30 minute range.

After Todd’s autonomy has been officially handed over to me, the party can start. You can expect to find besides lots and lots of nice and interesting people also food, beer, drinks and music. Keep in mind this will be a multicultural but primarily bilingual wedding (don’t panic, you probably speak at least one of the languages: German or English), so don’t be discouraged or disappointed if you don’t receive an immediate answer to your question about where to find the bathroom.

Overall I think this will be fun. We have several circles of friends coming from all over the place (work, the Germans, the car club,..) so you will also have the chance to meet new people. Don’t be shy towards the Germans; they are people like you and me (me Todd, not me Christine), with the ability to drink more beer.

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