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General Wedding Announcements | Posted by Christine
Mar 04 2009


Welcome to our Wedding Information and RSVP site. If you haven't done so already, please take the time to RSVP. We need to know by the 30th of March, so please don't delay.

-Christine and Todd

We are a little behind with sending out the rest of the invitations due to the recent unexpected snow accumulation in the Deep South :oops:

Sorry for the delay. We also apologize for the comparatively short time to RSVP, but c’mon when have you ever received a party invitation from us more than 3 days in advance ;)

Another one bites the dust

Invitations [Update]

General Wedding Announcements | Posted by Christine
Feb 28 2009

Many of you should have found their invitations in their CCRC mailbox, others should receive theirs next week by snail mail!