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So the day has finally arrived…..

General Wedding Announcements | Posted by Christine & Todd
May 01 2009


Welcome to our Wedding Information and RSVP site. If you haven't done so already, please take the time to RSVP. We need to know by the 30th of March, so please don't delay.

-Christine and Todd

We’ve made it within 20 hours of an actual start time. Woot!  The delirium has fully kicked in, but that could be from the pain of my broken toe.  Who can really tell at this stage.

For those of you coming, some last minute advice:

Dress your best but bring your rain boots!  The wonderful weather soothsayers are predicting rain.  If you believe them, then i fully suggest bringing a backup plan. I personally don’t put too much credit in weather forecasting.  I trust Loki’s nose much better…

Parking may a bit crazy, so please be prepared to get creative with it.  We are trying to provide clear indication as to where you are able to park, but please also use your best judgment in choosing a place to leave you car for several hours.  Parking in stranger’s front yards is a fast way to a bus ride home.

For those of you who can’t make it

We will be having picture uploaded as the wedding progresses here :

Please enjoy in sharing our fun from afar.

– Todd and Christine

Art but Not-Art

General Wedding Announcements | Posted by Christine & Todd
Mar 17 2009

Sometime two or three weeks ago, Christine mentioned something about painting and 3D wallpaper to me. I sorta remember that. I’m pretty sure I was doing something that was neither painty or wallpapery at the time, and likely forgot soon after. When stuff that I hadn’t ordered started showing up at the house, I asked her what was going on. She then explained, again, her idea. At the time I thought that we really didn’t have the time to start creating custom artish installations in the livingroom, and promptly thought it was a brilliant idea and agreed.

So here we are, in the middle of things. I figured that it would be fun to chronicle the progress, and you can all see the finished product whenever you stop by. Whenever you stop by after we’ve finished it, that is.

Phase 1: Raw Materials

[I forgot to take pictures of the blank wall. Oops.]

The 3D wall paper. I am pretty excited about this find. The tiles are made from 100% recycled paper. All you do is paint them in whatever color you want and put them onto the wall. Cool !!!!

So this is how the tiles look before painting

3D Wallpaper Tile

The tiles come in boxes of 12 from mioculture. Each one measures 12″x 12″.

Phase 2: Big Grey Box

Big Grey Box

Phase 3: 3D Wallpaper Tile Painting

So here we are. “All we need to do is paint them”. Yeah right!!!! If you ever tried to paint something made from paper-mâché, you know how difficult it is to actually paint it a solid color.

Somehow I thought that this would be much easier.

We first painted 2 coats with a oil based paint, followed by one coat of clear enamel paint and finished with a sprayed coat of acrylic car paint :D

So if you see Todd or me walking around with an absent, slightly dazed look on our faces, it is probably because of the fumes that accumulated in the garage while we were painting these tiles.

How hard can it be?

Phase 4: Put it on the wall

So we finally put all the pieces together.  Well, kinda.  It turns out that adherence to newish latex paint is less than simple.  Spray adhesive seems to work, but only if you can place it in under 5 minutes.  This makes it rather difficult to align.  Typical.

Finally on the wall


General Wedding Announcements | Posted by Christine
Mar 04 2009

We are a little behind with sending out the rest of the invitations due to the recent unexpected snow accumulation in the Deep South :oops:

Sorry for the delay. We also apologize for the comparatively short time to RSVP, but c’mon when have you ever received a party invitation from us more than 3 days in advance ;)

Another one bites the dust